Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's snowing like mad

Here in Hatchet-land, the snow is getting deeper and deeper. We're not going anywhere.

So much for the idea of shopping for presents!

Oh well. More time for world-saving! Heh heh heh!

We watched 2 cars and 1 SUV (Hah!) get stuck outside our house. Eric, being the Good Samaritan that he is, went out to assist the two cars. One belonged to our neighbor, directly across the street. She was very grateful. The other belonged to another neighbor (that we don't recognize), who lives further up the hill. They got her car pushed as close to our sidewalk as we could because of the danger from fishtailing vehicles as the come around the corner. I watched two other SUVs come around the corner fishtailing like mad, so it was a very valid concern. She left the car out front and walked home.

The SUV we didn't offer to help, as it showed up after Eric came back in and took off his snow encrusted clothes. Besides, there was no way in hell Eric was going to be able to push something as big as that bugger. Eventually they got out on their own.

What's the point of having an enormous, heavy, 4 wheel drive, gas guzzling SUV if that sucker can't handle snow in Colorado?! Mind you, this is no ordinary snow - it is a blizzard and Denver and Eastern Colorado were declared a Natural Disaster zone. State of Emergency and all that. Fortunately for us, we still have power and heat and things. I am really really glad that we didn't have anywhere to be today.

Hope you and yours are all safe and sound.

I think we're going to toss Caitlin into a snowdrift tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Ha! I get a snow day!

Annabelle is doing her best imitation of Dolphin Dog as she bounds happily through the drifts, some of which are over 5.5 feet.

We saw 2 vehicles get stuck yesterday, but didn't help either as the occupants were both numerous and falling down drunk. One truck, with the extra high tires- got stuck on top of the high school's berm. That took some fair doing.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

The drifts are incredible around here, but I don't think we managed over 5 feet! It goes up my neighbor's fence to about 4 feet, but that's about it.

Makes me glad I fed the birds yesterday, but I may have to get out there again today to fill the other feeder and the suet feeder!

Time for snowballs!

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