Saturday, December 23, 2006

Holiday Card 2006

I figure, if you get the card you intended to get out by Xmas before Valentine's Day, you're golden. Yes, one year I made it right into February. The year after, I made it by the New Year.

Don't think I didn't crow about that triumph in my cards, either!

This, you see, is why I don't mention Christmas or Channukah or anything in particular like that. Besides, I want you to have more than a good holiday season! Why, it's easy enough (or used to be) to be happy during the season where you're running from one party to the next, giving and getting gifts and getting hyper on all the sugar cookies you can eat. No, if you call it a holiday card, then when you get it out after Xmas, but before New Year's, you could have been referring to either one. If you get it out after New Year's, why then you were referring to all of those past and perhaps those yet to come. A golden grey zone, if you will!

Cycle forward to this year and I'm totally rockin' it out! Cards out before Christmas! Now that's a mini-triumph that I will do a little dance of joy over. Finding the right picture, editing it and making it look kind of cool - all of these things can make your eyes go all twitchy when your perfectionism comes out to play. However, I knew I had the right picture in November, when we went out to visit Ed and Val.

Here's the Holiday Card 2006:

Click on it for a larger image.

Many thanks again to Tracey from Picture This for the idea of using a definition on the card and Melissa for the link to Tracey. Caitlin personifies Joy to me, so it was a no-brainer.

As much as Caitlin may drive me buggy from time to time with Bad Attitude or Being Far Too Messy, I love her so much that it hurts sometimes. My heart seems to squeeeeze when she says something particularly adorable, or smiles just right or tells me, yet again, that she loves me THIIIIIIIS MUCH! So when I get a shot of her that just perfectly shows that inner glow of hers, I have to share it.

Years from now, when she's in therapy talking about how we traumatized her by making her brush her teeth, the one thing she'll never complain about is that she wasn't loved enough.

Smooches to all of you! Know that you are loved!

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