Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Corben gets the Kiss Off

Last night at dinner (who knows what we were discussing), the conversation turned to Caitlin getting married. As usual.

To Sebastien.

"What about Corben?!" we cried.

Caitlin met Corben in pre-school in October of 2002 (15 months old) and became fast friends. As soon as she was old enough to express interest in weddings (I keep photographing them - sometimes for actual money!), she declared that she was going to marry Corben. We told her she couldn't get married until she was at least 26, but considering that we're not OK-ing dating until 25, that's going to be a whirlwind romance, I think!

Practically every single day she'd remind us about how she was going to marry Corben. After I left off working for The Man in November 2004, we tapered Caitlin off attending that particular pre-school (It was fantastic! but expensive!) until we were done in February 2005. Goodbye Corben! Goodbye friends! This, however, did not stop the daily declarations of future wedded bliss with Corben - it just slowed it down to weekly, perhaps.

One week into starting kindergarten she started mentioned a boy named Sebastien. Sometimes, when she'd get something new to wear (sweaters, sneakers, fun patches on her jeans) she'd ask if I thought Sebastien would say, "How fancy!" when he saw it.

By the way: my five year old being concerned about male appreciation disturbs me.

Then last night, the clincher: she declared that she was going to marry him. In response to our shocked cry about Corben she responded:

"He'll get another wife."

In the distance, a 5 year old heart breaks. Can't you just hear it?

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