Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Max!

Caitlin writes on the white-board behind me:


The upper and lower case are exactly as she wrote it on the board. That last word? Delightful.

While technically not yet Max's birthday, we celebrated it early this past weekend.

Ice skating was involved.

Caitlin had never been skating before, but with the assistance of a "cheater" she did fine. She really liked it and by the end of our time there had started trying to skate around without the cheater. Hooray! Even I got out on the ice after taking pics for awhile. I was terrified, since I'd hurt my ankle in February and didn't want to re-injure it. I haven't been skating in years and years (waaaay pre-Caitlin!), so I clung to Eric's arm and tried to not fall over. Ten minutes later it was time to get off the ice since there was going to be a girl's hockey game starting right after the Zamboni cleaned up.

Gratuitous Zamboni shot for Dan. Who loves ya, baby?

After skating there was the reverse order party, where Max first opened presents, ate cake and then had pizza. This order, while novel, was due to the lateness of the pizza delivery. It was very interesting to do it in that order for a change - potential for a theme.

And now for some photos! (You know you like it!)

A skater prepares.
First time on skates!
Caitlin and Max.
Caitlin and dad go out for a spin.
Jen takes a spill.
Jim wishing he'd brought his Canon 20D. By the way, all pictures during the party were taken by Jim when I handed him my camera. Excellent job, Jim!
Eric, Caitlin and Linda. That woman can skate!
Caitlin goes off on her own.
Eric and Linda under glass.
Caitlin skates without the cheater! Hooray!
Sue and Axl being cute.
Ruby cornering the market on sweet.
Max and dad opening prezzies.
Axl, determined to cash in on the massive piles of loot, demands grand-parental help in opening a package. Max won't miss it, right? Right!

Blowing out the candles.
Harry Potter cake mid-deconstruction. Blue icing people! Blue icing! Run!
OK, that last picture was by me.

Happy Birthday First Nephew!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Zamboni shot! You're the best.


Dawn said...

So, when are ya gonna sign Miss Caity up for hockey lessons? Just think... all that energy channelled into a slap shot of doom (for the other team that is).

Woman with a Hatchet said...

You're welcome Dan!

Actually, we were thinking it would be a good Xmas present to get Caitlin skating lessons! She doesn't need more toys (!), but assorted lessons would be nice. Karate, too.

She's having trouble with this kid at school....

Scylla said...

Karate is cool, as is skating. Marlena is pushing for Ballet, so I think it may be pink tutu time in our house.

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