Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Why am I always so cold?

OK, maybe I know the answer to that one - hypothyroidism - but why am I still cold even though I'm on the medication for it? My basal body temperature keeps coming in around 97.7 degrees - almost a full point off normal!

OK! I heard that! Yes, I know that you know that I've never been "normal" but come on! I'm sitting in the basement, working on photographs for someone's wedding album and I'm wearing thermal underwear.

By the way, thermal underwear ROCKS! As Jon Stewart would say, "Me likey the thermals!" Why didn't I do this sooner? Is this what being warm feels like normally? It's very...comfortable!

It's not that cold inside the house! It's set to 66 or 68 and the basement is warmer than the rest of the house normally, since it's a lot smaller space. Whaaaaat? Of course, this is one of the reasons I keep Eric around. He's warm all the time, so I place my icy cold hands in his hands (or on his neck to make him jump) and he produces the body heat. Ahhhh! Portable, personal heaters!

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