Thursday, December 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Eric!

Thirty-nine never looked so good!

Let's see...what have you done this year?

Graduated from Law School. Exceptional. (OK, technically that was last December.)

Studied for the Bar Exam. Frustrating.

Passed the Bar, with flying colors and got sworn in. You were an inspiration for all your other law school friends. Impressive.

Went to Italy for our 10th Anniversary. Yaaaaaaaay!
You defeated the Shrub of Doom. You rock!

Worked on the being a great Dad thing. Excellent.

You were an excellent Dad cat.

Oh, and a fabulous husband.
And you remain, as always, my hero, my confidant, my lover, my teacher, my accomplice and true counterpart.*

Here's to you, my beloved.

* An actual line from our wedding vows.


Cindy said...

Happy Be-Lated Birthday to my Favorite Brother In Law!

Scylla said...

Happy Birthday Eric! You remain one of my favorite people!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Did you like how you were in the sworn in shot?

Eric says "Thank you!" to all of his adoring fans.

Liz said...

Happy birthday, Eric.

Your last post's comments were so long but I wanted to pipe in. I can understand your empathy for the bully, but in my experience(2 teenage daughters), the worst thing you can do is make a big deal of things. Obviously, you need to let the teachers know your concerns, so that they are recorded for the future. My gut feeling tells me there is something wrong in his family, but that is something that others will have to deal with. Since your daughter is not being singled out, and he is acting up with other children, it's not your problem alone.

When my youngest was in preschool, there was a little girl in her class who was always sick. Her coloring was yellowish (jaundice-like) and she always reeked of cigarette smoke. I reported her to her teacher, telling her that this kid was obviously abused since her grandma and father smoked while she was in the car. Nothing ever became of it (this was 1995).

Just an example of trying to do the right thing when all we can really do is try to raise our kids the best we can.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

I hear what you're saying Liz. My big concern is currently not that he's singling her out but that he's causing her to not want to go to school.

She loved school in the beginning and seeing that she has to be there for the next 6 years really can't hate it every single day. I know I can't make changes in his life, like rescuing him, but I have to protect my own daughter however I can. If that means they put an aide in the class I'm all for it.

It is starting to bug me just how many friends have told me that their kids have also been bullied, though! It's a poor state of affairs when kids can't just be friends at such a young age. Ugh!

Thanks for piping up! And Eric says Thank you!

Janet said...

Tracy, this is your cousin Janet. I have to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. It's acutally the first blog I've ever known (& the only one). I am so impressed with all your talents - I wish we were closer so I could know you better. It was so good to get to know Eric again while he was in for gramma. And speaking of that, your tribute to gramma was beautiful and so fitting and she would have loved it. Please give Caitlin hugs for me, and tell her how much I admire her artwork. She is an incredible artist. Is there a way I can print pictures from this blog? I am not very blog savvy. Love to everyone, and keep up all your extraordinary work. Love Janet
(-46 pounds & still going)

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Hi Janet!

Actually, you can't print these since they are low resolution pictures (they would appear very fuzzy). However, I saw your note in Eric's b-day card (he says thanks!) and I have printed you a handful of pics of the three of us, Bret and Jim. I'll be mailing them to you on Monday, since it's way too late now!

So never fear! They're on their way!

Congrats on losing 46 lbs! That's awesome!

Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad you like my blog.

Valerie said...

Happy Birthday Eric!

The boys could sing you the song now.

Mostly. Maybe we'll give you a call when they are inspired. :)

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