Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Clothing Makes the Child

I have to tell you, we've been very lucky on the clothing front: friends and family have been very generous to us. Verrrrrrrry generous.

Grammy keeps us in all the latest Zutano baby fashions, but it is the clothing loaned to us by my sister-in-law Jenni and my friend Val that I'm here to tell you about.

Check this out:
This is the pile of clothes that we have just packed up. The 0-3 month set. Do you see those 3 piles? On the left is the pile from Val, who had twin boys. On the right is my pile, from when Caitlin was an infant. In the middle is the pile from Jenni (my SIL). She had two boys, 3 years apart and her pile is larger than that which came from Ed and Val. Is she a clothes horse or what?!

Those were some well decked out boys, I tell ya!

Here is the pile for 3-6 months:

The pile on the left is boy clothing (blue, blue, blue, more blue and a smidge of red), while the one on the right is everything that can be called girl clothes or is non-blue. Note that the right-hand pile is much smaller. It amuses me to no end that Logan will have more clothes to wear than Emma. So very untypical. We aren't really concerned with stereotypically dressing the twins so much as we like to know who we're handing off when we're utterly exhausted. Color is the visual key. When Emma wears blue, conversations often go like this:

"Hand me Logan."

"No, that's Emma."

The best part? We've bought exactly four outfits this time around and they were all newborn size for Emma. We have enough borrowed and hand-me-down clothing that we don't have to go shopping for years.

And I gotta tell ya, I like it like that!

Many thanks to those of you that have gifted us with clothes!

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