Wednesday, January 23, 2008


No! Please! No!


Age: ~4 months
On average the first tooth comes in during the seventh month, although it can arrive as early as three months, as late as a year, or in rare cases even earlier or later.
Yes, somewhere on that bell curve. We're in there.

Irritability: Bad attitude? Check! The whining, screaming and crying is awful! And that's just Eric and I. The twins are even worse. Logan keeps screaming in my face but won't nurse. I keep putting him into the swing to sleep it off, which works for 10 minutes. The screaming and not nursing is driving me insane. It's very hard to tell the difference between screaming because I'm hurting and screaming because I'm hungry. Emma is doing it too, but not quite as bad. Yet.

Drooling: Check! Lay Emma on her tummy on the playmat and she's Droolicious.

Coughing: Check! Sometimes. Not all the time.

Chin rash: From the drool. Nope.

Biting and gnawing: OMG Check! Every chance they get to pull one of our fingers (or anyone else's, let's get real here: they aren't discriminating against any fingers) in their mouths they chew for all they are worth. You can interrupt a crying jag with a well placed finger or knuckle. They are chewing on their own hands so much they look chapped.

Cheek rubbing and ear pulling: Not that I've noticed, but Logan is trying to rip the back of his skull off. Does that count?

Diarrhea: I don't know. Their stools are loose. They've always been loose. What does normal stool on a breastfed 4 month old look like? I'm so not googling that.

Low-grade fever: They've both been a little warm this week, but we think they have colds.

Or do they?! *Cue ominous music*

Not sleeping well: The only evidence for this is the fact that Emma isn't sleeping well. Logan doesn't do anything I'd call "sleeping well".

Cold like symptoms (runny nose, etc.): Uh...yeah? Boogies everywhere! Bleah! See also Low-grade fever.

Eric is not convinced that it's teething, since Caitlin didn't get teeth until she was 12 months old and how likely are they to both teeth at the same time? I, however, remember her having teething symptoms well before the teeth actually showed up. But, OMG! if we have to endure this constant screaming in your face thing for the next 8 months? I am so selling these children!*

So, tell me: are they teething or not? I've checked their gums and don't see anything, but that doesn't mean they are feeling nothing.

* Help meeeee!

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Scylla said...

Oliver was an early teether too, and he had the gums and the symptoms from about 3 months until he got teeth.
He is doing it all over again now too.

I suggest tylenol. Lots of tylenol.

Don't bother with the Baby Oragel, it sucks, but we really liked putting crushed ice in a clean sock and letting him chew on it.

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