Monday, January 28, 2008

Four Months

The twins turned four months old yesterday.

They've been working on a few new tricks this last week.

Emma has been showing us how she flips over from her back to her tummy. She whips her legs up into the air and then does tummy crunches to curl over onto her side. Then, if her brother isn't in the way and if she wants to, she'll continue the curl until she's completely flipped over.
Roll! Roll! Roll in the hay! Errr...mat!

Laughing has also been in the works, with Caitlin being the instigator. For some reason, the twins find her terribly funny, so long as she's looking at them. It's clear that they love her dearly. Maybe it's because she's closer to their size?

Sitting up is the big new skill. You can put them in the sitting position and they'll hold it until they over balance and fall over. Emma is better at it than Logan, currently. Clearly it's because she's been working on those tummy muscles.
"Caitlin, are you watching me? Are you watching? Do you see me?"

"Yaaaaay! Caitlin sees me!"
and laughing. Two great tastes that go great together!

Logan has been very grumpy recently. We can't figure out what is wrong and are currently blaming pre-teething activities. Or something. He refuses to be put down and then, when you're holding him he cries unless you're standing up. Yeah. You can see that's not going over so well in the house of We All Like to Sit Occasionally! Other than that, he's fine. Caitlin has been working on her Singing to Sleep skills and knocked a very grumpy Logan out yesterday afternoon. Whew!
Mr. Grumpy Feet and Puppy.

Logan loves standing and will do it every chance he gets. He'd rather be standing than anything else.
Caitlin gives Logan a squish.

Unfortunately, right after this picture, Caitlin fell over and conked Logan's head into my knee which brought our photo shoot to an abrupt end.

They now really react when the other is upset. While they don't wake each other up at night, during the day if one is crying, the other will join in. Very frustrating.

Must remember: Empathy is good!
Don't cry, Logan! I'll save you!
Emma reaches down to comfort a crying Logan. No...really!

Hearing loss, however, is bad.

Emma is still my Champion Sleeper, although she kept waking up a few days in a row. It's bad enough when it's just Logan waking up every few hours (Like last night! Argh!). Can we claim growth spurt?
Making up for lost sleep.

Finally, the last big thing is this:
A new era begins!

Caitlin used to suck on the two middle fingers of her right hand, right up until she was three. Emma apparently decided that they are, indeed, a taste sensation that cannot be beat since she has started preferring those very same fingers. Well, the fingers on her hand, not Caitlin's.

Although she would suck on Caitlin's fingers were they offered.

You know what I mean.

In other news, since it was so warm yesterday (65 degrees), we went to the park where we discovered a Five-toed sloth. Betcha didn't know they existed in Colorado, did ya?
Sloths are cute! More colorful than I'd imagined they would be in winter, too.

Part sloth, part monkey, park koala. A Slomonla?

What do sloths eat, anyway? This one seems to like Fudgesicles.

Oh and the daddy sloth was there, too, giving pointers on how to climb a tree. Right up until he bonked his head on a branch. (I think he's out of practice!)
That's Mr. Sloth, to you!

Just a couple more shots, to send you on your way.
Fly, Emma! Fly!
While not in focus, I really like this shot. Emma squirmed at the wrong time.
Here she's doing that Superman thing: balanced on her tummy while all four limbs are off the ground.

Logan wants to remind us that he's only just little and that he won't be grumpy forever.
We hope.

Almost forgot! The twins both really like toys now. At least insofar as they "play" with them by jamming said toys into their mouths to be drooled upon. All of the toys left over from Caitlin's infancy are now getting a double workout. Drool is everywhere!

Logan really likes being swung up into the air. He laughs at the top of the arc and then will jump up and down in your lap until you do it again.

And again.

And again.


Valerie said...

Very cute! They are getting so big and so persons-like!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

They are! It's almost like they're...human!

Shhh! Trying to take over the world with itty bitty alien conquerors.

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