Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The sharpest kids on the block

That's right. My kids? Sharp, man!

Their fingernails are razor sharp. (What did you think I was talking about?) So sharp, in fact that Logan has been slicing up the back of his own head with them in his sleep and bleeding all over the co-sleeper. When did I notice this? Today.

Then I had a Freak Out Moment and determined that I would cut that little beast's nails if it was the last thing I did today!

And wouldn't ya know it? It was the last thing I did today! Or the very first thing I've done on Wednesday morning, but that all depends on your perspective when it's 12:40 AM. To me, it's still Tuesday night.

Hello! Why yes, I can tell time! Bear with me here.

The problem with cutting teeny tiny baby nails when they are awake is they squirm. A lot. Eric did their nails the first few times, but always cut their tiny fingertips. And you know? The blood thing? I'm still not good about the blood thing, so it makes me feel queasy to see it, but now add horrible parental empathy (My baby! You've hurt my baby!) and fear about just how much those tiny cuts on such tiny fingers can bleed (OMG! She's bleeding everywhere!). So now Eric doesn't want to/isn't allowed to cut fingernails anymore.

I, however, am paranoid about using the vicious, finger lopping clippers, so I've just been trying to tear the teeny tiny, yet murderously sharp, fingernails off. It's not as easy as it should be and always leaves sharp, yet jagged, pieces of fingernail behind. Not very satisfactory from the wanting to no longer get slashed by babies perspective. So tonight I waited until Logan was seriously knocked out and then clip-clip-clipped away.

I have to tell you, there are few things as sad as blood under your baby's fingernails. Could be mine, but it is most likely his own. Poor thing!

Whoops! Now the "poor thing" is waking up and looking for snacks. Quick! Tell me your infant manicure techniques!


Stacie said...

Bite them off. Little nibbles.

J scratched his own eye and had to have drops, poor mite. It was not a good parenting moment.

Missy said...

Sometimes I would have my husband trim while I was nursing, usually though I just waited until they were asleep.

Valerie said...

Nothing you haven't already done. When they were little babies and their nails were so soft I tried clipping once and then just did the peeling. Fortunately they werre soft enough that the jagged edges weren't too bad. The boys didn't scratch at themselves too much.

Otherwise asleep, asleep, asleep.

Nowadays :) it helps if they are watching a movie, but otherwise if I catch them in the right mood I can do fingers and toes while they are awake. Amazing what a few years will do!

ellen said...

I always make sure to slide the edge of the clipper under the nail so I knew I was getting only nail and not skin too. I clipped Hannah's finger once. She was so tiny and she cried so much. Oh, the guilt!

Scott said...

This is easy.. pour Ferretone on their tummies, they will be so busy licking their tummies that they won't have time to think about anything else... Wait.. ohh.. you mean baby humans not baby ferrets.. right.. um.. Flashlight says to try using a file?

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Hey, today I got Emma's done and no bleeding!

Of course this now means I've stuck myself with the job of Official Fingernail Cutterer.

Le sigh!

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