Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fifteen Weeks

I skipped out on you for week 14, didn't I? Oh well. Not much difference between week 14 and 15 other than an increased amount of sleep (Yay!) and increased cuteness!

Beware! Photos below may blow out your Cute Sensors.

So here we are, cruising along as Parents of Twins. Emma is making it really easy by totally sleeping through the night. What I mean by that is that when she finally passes out between 10 pm and midnight, she will sleep until about 7 or 7:30 am. OMG! It is totally awesome.

Logan, however, has different plans. He will pass out around the same time frame and then wake up around 1 am. Sleep again until 6 am and then wake again around 8 am. He says he's trying to get more milk and plump up more than Emma, but he's apparently burning it off with all the smiling he does because he doesn't appear to be pulling ahead in the weight category.
Logan burning calories with his Full Body Smile Workout.

Logan works his Oblique Smile at Caitlin. Must give all smile muscles a workout!

We still haven't seen Emma officially roll over from tummy to back, but she objects to tummy time a lot less these days. I think it's because she can see better, since she's strong enough to push her head and chest off the floor. She is very good about reaching for things and likes to spin the toys attached to the swing in the dining room.
Emma studies the physics involved.

Both babies are chewing like puppies. If you put a finger anywhere within grabbing distance, grab it they will and pop it into their mouths where they will then masticate on said digit until they are satisfied, you are utterly covered in drool and squicked out, or your finger falls off. Whichever occurs first. There are no teeth in there, I've checked, but they do like to gnash on digits and things.
Emma tries to devour Eric's knuckle.

Graaar! Logan noshes on my knuckle.

They also have gained an appreciation for toys recently, so we've been pulling old toys out of the closet for them and letting them drool all over them. Fabric doughnuts and puppies are a big hit.
In a sea of toys, the twins do the backstroke.

My Precious!

Emma and her puppy.

Emma being mauled by her puppy. Oh noes!

Emma lights up the room with her smile.

Logan is just barely bigger than the stuffed hippo Caitlin received when she was born.

Life is good.

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Red Flashlight said...

Sensors overloading . . . I smell smoke . . . I think I blew a gasket.

You should be careful with that camera, woman!

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