Thursday, January 10, 2008

Three years ago today

I made a big mistake.

It was early in the morning and Eric had asked me to trim his hair for him. In my bleary eyed, fuzzy brained state, I said, "Sure!" I'd done it so many times that it was automatic. The only problem was that I skipped the very first step.

Attaching the guide to the clippers. You know, the guide that determines how short the hair will be after you cut it? Yeah, that one. The default, no guide setting is this:
I burst into tears when I realized what I'd done. Eric was completely fine with it, since he'd been wanting to shave off his hair for awhile, but I didn't want him to. Now, clearly, this was the time to do it. After he stopped laughing and I stopped crying, I ran to get my camera.

What can I tell you? I'm like that.

I then tried to "fix" it by putting the guide on and shaving the area around it, resulting in this:
There are two different "depths" to his hair, if you look closely.

Eric then told me to just cut it all off, which ended up with a teacup poodle in the sink:

I shed more than that when I take a shower!

When I was finished, he then shaved his head and finished up looking like this:
You're a handsome devil. What's your name?

On New Year's Day this year, after Ed and Val and Scott and Sierra left to return to their own abodes, Eric decided a change was called for. First, though, he wanted Before pictures.

Before, with goatee.

And then he attacked his face with a razor.
Since it had been three years, it was really disconcerting to see him without a goatee. Some days I still do a double take, since I was used to the goatee. Caitlin said it freaked her out.
We all got over it, though. Now he's running around with a cold chin.

Moral of the story: never let me near your hair with clippers when I'm tired.

Do you have any hair cutting mishaps you'd like to share? Tell me, do!

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Scylla said...

Woo Hoo Sexy Man!!

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