Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Life Lessons

Caitlin woke up last night, right after going to bed with a nightmare. She was distressed, but not just over the nightmare: house catching on fire and her dying in it. Creepy enough.

The thing that really distressed her is the fact that her Dream Catcher doesn't work.

"It's catching my good dreams and letting my bad dreams through!" She kind of thought that one over and said, "It doesn't work. I need something that works."

Eric tried to reassure her as she complained about her defective Dream Catcher. Then she jumped tracks:

"What about those Worry Dolls you put under your pillow? Are those just art, too?" Eric had to acknowledge the possibility and that they're probably both just art. When pressed for what did work, Eric offered lots of hugs. Caitlin dismissed that entirely.

She eventually went back to sleep and slept through the night (Unlike some people!). I guess she's growing up.

Good thing she didn't ask about the Jolly Fat Man.

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