Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sixteen Weeks

An' what do you get?
Another day older and deeper in debt.
St. Peter don't you call me cause I can't go:
I owe my soul to the nursing twins!

Apologies to Jimmy Dean.

The twins are finally sleeping.
This is what we refer to as The Lip. It comes out when he's most unhappy. Here, he was unhappy right before he fell asleep (Not tonight.) and it stayed that way!

Sleep, that thing we can't even dream of, since our sleep keeps being interrupted. By Logan. Yes, this is one of those situations where we are bad parents (Bad!) who compare one child unfavorably to the other.

"Why can't you be more like your sister? Why?!" Wretched weeping follows.

Logan falls asleep before Emma does at night, around 10 pm instead of her 11 pm time frame, but he doesn't stay asleep until 7 am like she does. I don't know why, other than he's trying to get more nursing in, but he's not exactly chubbing it up over here! He's still only slightly heavier than she is. He needs to work harder at gaining weight during the day.

Other than that, they're both very sweet and a lot of fun. Emma has started laughing, although it did take serious neck nibbling for it to happen. Then again, I like nibbling on her tiny neck, so no hardship for me! She also likes to squeal and jabber and semi-scream for minutes on end because she's so darned happy. It's very endearing. Maybe I can get the man in charge of videos to upload it.
Emma, very carefully studying the Penta-pus (It only has 5 legs. Whaaat?), right before she shoves the legs into her mouth.

They like to look at one another and chatter back and forth. Sometimes it takes a little while for one to notice the other, but once they do they start smiling and chatting. I hope that lasts!
"Hey Emma! Hey! Guess what?"

"What is it, Logan?"

"I have poopy in mah pannnnts!"

"You are a sad, sad little man. I pity you."*

They're also mad for Caitlin. When she walks in the room and starts talking they both swivel to see her and start smiling. Their tiny smiles drop away when she doesn't make eye contact with them, though. This evening at dinner, Logan was getting grumpy and we asked Caitlin to sing to him. Once she started singing, Logan went completed quiet, stood up in Eric's lap (supported) and smiled and smiled at her. It was as if he was electrified by her voice. I then looked down and saw Emma grinning for all she was worth as well.


Makes you want to squeeze all three of them.

On Saturday, Grammy and Grampy came to visit. Linda had Caitlin for a sleepover on Saturday and spent all day with her on Sunday at the museum. Then, that night, they watched Caitlin and the twins for us so that we could go out to dinner. Alone. Ahhhh!

Undying gratitude. They has it.

Just try to imagine how fast we drove away. Just imagine it!

No. Faster!
Chillin' with Grampy.

Getting last squeezes in before Grammy and Grampy head out for Hawaii. Yeah. I feel bad for them too - their luggage wasn't big enough to fit the 5 of us!

"And this is an Emma!"

Caitlin perusing a Barbie catalog, intent on cutting them out later to use as paper dolls.

There's a lot of jamming fingers into mouths around here, but no teeth in sight. I'm hoping that they do what Caitlin did and not teethe until they are one years old. I'd like to nurse them without being gnawed on with sharp nippers. The pinching and pulling are bad enough without adding teeth into the equation!
Holding hands. Awww!

The fingers that you shove into your mouth don't have to be yours.

They are finally reaching the point where I need to pull out the 3-6 month sized clothes. They don't seem very big to me, compared to Caitlin at that same age, but they are growing! The fact that they aren't very plump like she was has me vaguely worried (Because I have to fret over something, apparently.) but not enough to run to the doctor. We have a 4 month appointment at the end of the month where I will throw all of the questions I have at them about weight and size and skin condition and so on.

In the meantime, we're just getting another day older and deeper in debt....

* Toy Story. Buzz Lightyear to Woody, while they were lost.


Missy said...

They're adorable!

That's great that all three of them have good times with each other.

And props for including Jimmy Dean and Toy Story references in the same post.

Scylla said...

Your chillin's are very cute. I feel almost ill with the amount of cuteness you and I have unleashed upon the world.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

I reserve the right to inflict continual cuteness on the world.

Call it Pretty Pollutin'.


I need more sleep.

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