Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Twin Notes: Viability vs. House Cleaning

In case you're wondering why my house is such a wreck, here's why:

Critical Time Zones*
  • Weeks 25-28 - very early preterm for multiples: the odds of survival are better (than for 20-24 weekers), but babies born during this period must still spend weeks or months in the NICU. They are at substantial risk for long-term medical consequences.
  • Weeks 29-32 - early preterm for multiples: Although the babies typically remain in the hospital for several weeks or more...the outlook is generally good. If the mother received steroids to hasten the babies' lung development prior to deliver, the infants have a distinct advantage.
  • Weeks 33-35 - preterm for multiples: Twins are often born during this time period. If they are well grown, they generally spend a week or two in the hospital and are unlikely to experience any long-term serious effects of their early birth.
  • Weeks 36-38 - term for twins: This is the ideal time for twins to arrive. Babies born during this period, if well grown and healthy, tend to be as robust as the average newborn singleton. Usually they are able to leave the hospital soon after birth, at the same time the mother is discharged.
* From When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads, by Dr. Barbara Luke, p 150.

Couple that information with this:

Duration and Cost of Hospital Stay for Newborns**
  • Weeks of Gestation: 25-27
    Days in Hospital: 71 days
    Hospital Bill: $195,254***
  • Weeks of Gestation: 28-30
    Days in Hospital: 39 days
    Hospital Bill: $91,343
  • Weeks of Gestation: 31-34
    Days in Hospital: 12 days
    Hospital Bill: $18,367
  • Weeks of Gestation: 35-38
    Days in Hospital: 4 days
    Hospital Bill: $4,308
  • Weeks of Gestation: 39-42
    Days in Hospital: 3 days
    Hospital Bill: $2,230
**From When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads, by Dr. Barbara Luke, p 151.

*** Those charges are per infant and in 1991-1992 dollars.

So, keeping all of that in mind, add in the fact that I start contracting when I walk around for more than an hour at a time (More frequently if it's hot and currently, it's hot!) and that I am not allowed to lift more than 20 lbs, and you will discover that this is why my house is a wreck. This is why I am embarrassed to have anyone come over that is not intimately familiar with my current situation and why I feel so frustrated about not being able to do anything. I can't work, I'm supposed to "take it easy" and Eric is working hard at finishing the rooms, leaving no one to generally clean. The cats are useless and afraid of the vacuum and while Caitlin is good at picking up, she's sometimes very difficult to deal with and wants to know why she has to do "...everything around here! What is she our maid?!"

My mom will be here in 1.5 months and that will help immensely. I suspect that there will be curry chicken on my horizon and possibly a cheesecake, if I play my cards right. Hatchet Mom is a fantastic cleaner, especially if she's mad or upset, so I'm hoping to get her all worked up over the state of my house and garden without getting her mad at me. Maybe I'll tell her how mean the doctors are to me and how they keep poking me with needles.

Do you think that will work?

Why yes, this is a cry for help. So if you feel like dropping by and helping to clean up, you're always welcome.


Dawn said...

Trust me, Hatchet, Mom does not need to be angry to clean - so don't get her worked up and you will get lasagna, cheesecake and you better fed-ex me some date squares. Tell Caitlin that Auntie Dawn commiserates with her - being a big sister means taking on a lot of big girl responsibilities. Nothing that she can't handle.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

I'm just kiddin' Dawn. : P

Caitlin is very excited. I'm just hoping that she remains excited and doesn't go galloping down the angry and resentful path of the first child/first grandchild that has been upstaged not just by one sibling, but by two!

We've broken out my photo albums showing her that everyone showed up for her birth and that we're doing the same things for the twins. No favoritism. Now if we can just get all the friends and family to remember to greet Caitlin first....

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