Friday, August 24, 2007


Domino is teaching me to play fetch. It's very endearing. Maybe he just does it because he's bored, or because he knows that MomCat ain't gettin' up offa that sofa any time soon. Either way, he brings me small-fuzzy-soft-hardcenter-thing (aka a "pipe cleaner") and drops it onto the sofa next to me, or drops it onto the bed with me (sometimes in the middle of the night - poor timing!), or drops it at my feet when I'm in the bathroom (where I spend much of my day).

He's also very good at noticing that I'm awake a lot at night and takes advantage of this quiet time by curling up next to me and getting within petting range. He's discovered that The Belly means no lap space, but at night the sideways Belly becomes a good place to lay down on, putting him well within petting range.
Macro lens shots!

He purrs and purrs and purrs at me. I suspect he's writing his Cat Thesis on:

Living With Humans: Can Humans Learn to Speak Cat?
  • Entertainment. Brought MomCat small-fuzzy-soft-hardcenter-thing. Dropped it within paw range.
    Observed behavior:
    picks up small-fuzzy-soft-hardcenter-thing with front paw, makes hard-sharp noise, displays teeth and throws small-fuzzy-soft-hardcenter-thing. Retrieval of small-fuzzy-soft-hardcenter-thing results in repeat of hard-sharp noise and tooth display. Repeated testing shows same behavior.
  • Hunger. Will attempt to obtain food pellets from MomCat using Body Language. Rub myself in an obvious manner against food storage box. Look at MomCat. Rub body against corner opposite from food storage box. Look at MomCat. Rub self against MomCat and return to food storage box.
    Observed behavior:
    MomCat makes growly noises with higher pitched end, then opens food storage box and retrieves food. We
    can communicate! Now if only we can get her or ShortCat to move faster and more frequently. DadCat appears clueless to the food requests and stays in sleep mode longer than MomCat or ShortCat. Repeated testing is frustrating. Food pellets are only released twice daily. Will have to seek out alternative food source.
  • Outside Cave. There are creatures outside the cave that we would like to investigate further, however, Big Cats do not appear able to understand Cat Language related to Opening Portals. We sit next to Portal and observe fast-fliers, wondering how they feel to sense of touch/taste/smell.
    Observed behavior:
    Looking at MomCat (or other Big Cats) does not result in Portal opening. Making loud, obvious complaint noise does not have positive result. Quiet commentary noise gets growly noise with higher pitched end, clearly Big Cats are watching, but do not open Portal. Some small fast-fliers come right up to soft smell-through enabled Portal and observe
    us, but then leave. Large fast non-fliers get within striking distance and then flee. Very large non-fliers appear aggressive, wearing night camoflage and are considered potentially dangerous. Very, very small fast-fliers sometimes make it through opening in soft smell-through enabled Portal and can be investigated via touch/taste/smell. Have successfully waited for ShortCat to open soft smell-through enabled Portal and moved outside cave briskly, however MomCat interrupts investigations too soon. Must consider having Agent Sleeps-Under-Bed, "Kaboom", provide distraction during next opportunity.

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