Thursday, August 23, 2007

Doctor! Doctor!

Where have you been all week?! I can hear you asking plaintively.

Well, the short answer is laying down. A lot. Yes indeed. Those contractions are so much fun that I've tried to subdue them by remaining prone for much of the day. That'll teach 'em! However, I've been wondering what kind of effect they've been having on my cervix and today was the appointment where they'd tell me the answer to that burning question.

I know, you're all dying to know about my cervix!

As it turns out, not a whole lot! I have the toughest cervix in the land! Bet you didn't know that, did ya?

Vital Statistics:
  • Weight: +56 lbs
  • Waist size: 50"
  • Heart rates: ~139 for Logan and ~156 for Emma
  • Fundal measurement: 42 cm. Now I know what happens when you slide past 40 cm. You just keep on getting bigger and bigger! Look at me! My body says I'm two weeks past due!
  • Cervical measurement: 36.3 mm. Why is this number higher than last time? I have no idea!
  • Cervical dilation: None, but ~50% effaced according to "touch" (Ow!). However, the U/S showed that I was still at 36.3 mm, which means that I'm not effaced at all. Makes me wonder if they think I'm effaced because I'm so huge, as if they feel what they expect to feel. Hmm
  • Weights: Logan - 4 lb 13 oz (+/- 11 oz). Emma - 5 lb 6 oz (+/- 13 oz). I am now carrying ~10 lb 3 oz of baby. I'm still wondering if I will make it to Oliver Level baby weights. Not two 11 lb 9 oz babies, but both of them equalling 1 Oliver. I'm thinking that it may be time to start using Oliver as a measurement standard: ex. Not quite 1 Oliver worth of babies yet!. According to this, they are 1-2 weeks ahead of the average singleton pregnancy. Yay us!
  • Energy: Exhausted! I wake up 3x per night in order to pee since I have to drink 4 liters a day. I sleep for about 1.5 hours, then wake up to an incredibly tight belly, aching hips and a desperate need to pee. Le sigh!
Now here's the fun part: Sally, the ultrasound tech is betting that I'm likely to have them around 9/7 - 9/10. Oh and she said that they both appear to have a head-full of hair, according to what she can see on the U/S! This I'm not so surprised by. Caitlin had lots of hair and so did I when I was born, but Eric was as bald as an egg. I think my hair genes are beating his out.

The doc, on hearing what Sally had to say laughed and then filled me in on a couple of things.
  1. If I make it to 34 weeks (I'm currently at 33 weeks.), they won't stop me from giving birth. Everything looks good to her, so she won't put me on bed rest.
  2. However, she'd like to see me make it to 36 weeks, which they would consider full term for twins.
So I could have anywhere from 1, 3 or 5 weeks left. I was told to keep drinking and lay down as much as possible during the day and to nap frequently to make up for the nighttime waking. No bed rest for me! Although I am voluntarily no longer doing any sort of shopping or browsing. I'll have to send Eric to the library for me to pick out some good books.

Now I think it's time to place your bets in the comments section! How far do you think I'll make it?
Possibly five (5) weeks left!

Must nap now. So tired!


Anonymous said...

What are you rooting for again? 36 weeks? I bet 4 weeks...just 'cuz.


Anonymous said...

oops, that was supposed to say 4 more weeks...

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Technically, I'm rooting for the full 5 weeks - a total of 38 weeks pregnant.

Emotionally, I'm wanting them to be ready NOW! However, 4 lb 13 oz, while impressive for a twin fetus isn't quite big enough.

Must grow babies BIGGER!

Ali said...

Here's what I know - my kid is flipping up a storm. "Kicking" no longer bears any relation to the rolling, churning, nausea-inducing sensations going on in my stomach. The thought of having TWO kids in there playing Tag... Lady, I feel for you.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

It's not so bad, actually. I think that may be because they don't have near enough space to bang around as Caitlin did.

I got plenty of feet embedded into ribs that time around. Now? Not so much! Instead I get weird squishing up under my ribcage while they search for more space to grow into. Unfortunately for them, I think we're almost at capacity. They also appear to do stuff deeper inside towards each other rather than outwards towards me, if that makes any sense.

Never fear Ali, soon enough your son will run out of room and won't be able to pull Leviathan Baby moves on you anymore. Then he'll have to settle in for long term pokings. : )

Valerie said...

It's such an odd thing when you hit that point where they won't stop anything that's gonna happen cause it's ok for it to happen. It's like... are you SURE?

And twins tend to develop a skosh faster than singletons in utero.

Look Ma, no NICU!

Missy said...

I will root for 38 weeks, just because the longer they cook the better. NICU is no fun and should be avoided at all costs. However I know that were I in your shoes emotionality would win out and I would be wanting the shortest possible duration for safe delivery. Hopefully now you can maybe see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

How about if we tie it to when my mom gets here?

"No babies! No! Must wait for Gramma Hatchet!"

September 12th, people. Then, the cooking! I have to get some curry chicken in before the twins are born or else I'll probably have the same fate as last time, doubled. One eats the curry chicken (not too spicy, I swear!), one digests the curry chicken, nursing for hours. No fun.

Ooh and she'll probably make me ackee and saltfish. Date squares. Lasagna. Rice 'n' peas. Ribs. Breadfruit? Cheesecake?! The Gramma Hatchet equivalent to Jamaican comfort food mixed in with Hatchet Family favorites.

Red Flashlight said...

3 weeks and 3 days. :)

ellen said...

I vote for a full 40 weeks! Ok, since you are contracting so much you probably won't make it that far but I hope you can carry them as long as possible even though you are suffering.

Cousin Janet in NY said...

I am rooting for a wonderful day,
September 11th. It served me as a
wonderful birthday for 49 years & then on my 50th, it got blown out of the ballpark. We need a magical
wondrous fabulous event to take place on September 11th. My newest
cousins, Emma & Logan, can make it all good again. And I know Emma will jump out first so she can lend Logan a hand. Love you guys!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Janet I had no idea that was your b-day! Well, I hope it will get better in time, although I don't know if Emma and Logan will make their debut that day. I'm still hoping they show up after my mom gets here and that's 9/12.

By the way, Logan is still right next to my cervix, so Emma is going to come out second when we do the deed. Sorry!

Today, as a matter of fact, Emma has been busy trying to excavate my ribs, so I don't think she wants to come out first.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Oh and Eric says he feels your pain, since he was born on Pearl Harbor Day. Although it's not quite as traumatic for us now as that day used to be.

A day of Infamy, indeed!

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