Friday, August 17, 2007

Nursery work

Almost done, done, done! (Those of you that worked with me know what that means!)

We've finally reached the point where babies (EEK!) could actually live in the new nursery, but it's not completely finished yet. While family and friends were out this past weekend, all of them got to take a gander at it and ooh'd, aah'd and squee'd appreciatively. Eric and Jim even bonded over the baseboard work. Now we're in the final stages of done-ness. The "punchlist" as it were.

Save for one important addition: the dresser came today. We were wondering what we'd do for a dresser for this pair of children and did some quick shopping at the same place that we got Caitlin's dresser and big girl bed: Unfinished Furniture. This means, of course, that Eric now has to stain the entire dresser all by himself, just like last time since I am not allowed to inhale fumes. The difference is that this time, Caitlin is here and is big enough and willing to help stain it with him.

Definitely a father/daughter bonding moment. Yes, there will be photographs.

The plan is, of course, growing:
  1. Remove carpeting and pad. Done!
  2. Remove staples in floor. Done!
  3. Remove baseboards. Done!
  4. Vacuum floor. Done!
  5. Paint with Kilz to seal in anything...unpleasant. Done!
  6. Paint ceiling in fabulous dark blue (Called Deep Space). Done!
  7. Begin painting walls. Done!
  8. Add stars, moon, sun, spaceship and rocketship using glow in the dark paint. Done!
  9. Apply stencils/stamps. Done!
  10. Once the walls are done, remove fan. Done!
  11. Install new fan. Done!
  12. Install new flooring. Done!
  13. Purchase, stain and cut new baseboards to size. Done!
  14. Install new baseboards. Done!
  15. Pass out from fumes. Narrowly avoided.
  16. Replace all 1980's almond outlets, switches and covers with white ones. Done!
  17. Install dimmer switch. Done!
  18. Install bookcases, crib, rocking chair and sundry other nursery items. Done!
  19. Install threshold strips between rooms and hallway.
  20. Sink baseboard nails.
  21. Install closet door guides on floor (Putting holes in my new floor already?!).
  22. Stain, sand, stain, curse, sand, and stain the new dresser.
  23. Beg and bribe friends to help husband carry new dresser upstairs and install into nursery.
  24. Fill dresser with new, old and borrowed clothing.
  25. Install changing pad on top of dresser.
  26. Photograph everything for posterity because the room will never be this organized and clean, ever again.
  27. Drinks for everyone! Except the Preggosaurus, who will grumble into her lemonade while being uninhibitedly thrilled that the nursery is done and she didn't have to inhale more fumes than necessary.
Six completed items since my last update and now I've gone and added 7 more. Isn't that just like a project manager?

Well, that's OK. I am a project manager. Some days I feel like the deadline is a lot closer than 6 weeks away. The customer is, as always, impatient.
The Book Nook. Caitlin helped to put together the shelves.
The crib and the never used second bed set that I'd bought when Caitlin was born. Look! Reuse! And that thing hanging down from the cage? That's a dog skin rug. No dogs were harmed in the making.
That cage has got to go, huh? In the background you can see bags and boxes of gear from the shower and the bouncy chair that Oliver got to test drive. He liked it! What you can't see is the closet full of all the stuff we'd saved, stuff from Jenni and from Ed and Val. Whew!


Red Flashlight said...

I love it! Aren't you glad you chose yellow and green for the background? It looks great. :)

Woman with a Hatchet said...

I think it looks great. Thanks for all your hard work! It looks exactly as I had wanted it to, with the yellow and green and contrasting purple and blue.

These children will either go into color shock or will love it. Even Eric has gotten used to all the contrast and like it now. : )

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