Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Photography: Then and Now

From today's Baby Blues.

It's so true! Well, the part about how many rolls our folks would go through (And you should see how many have my mom's index finger in them or where people are missing the top of their heads!). Photography by Caitlin of breakfast? Hasn't happened.


Then again, I was out a breakfast time on Sunday and Monday shooting away at birds....

My question for today is this: you know how the first kid has a kabillion pictures taken of them and then the second and any subsequent children get the photographic shaft? Will that happen with us in this age of digital (semi) instant gratification and the twins or not? I mean, they have that whole last set of children and twinness thing going on to fight off the ennui of photography of additional children. Add to this the fact that I do have a penchant for photography and a really slick pair (or three) of lenses.

Even so, will they be able to compete with Caitlin's first year of photos? I filled 3 photo albums and that was with analog print photography. Didn't get my cool digital until her second year or so. The switch to digital meant I could take a bunch more pictures, but not that I would print a bunch more pictures.

Ooh, and now I'm blogging! (You can blame Val and Misty for that, though.) Which means I now have a "convenient" location for all of those pictures that the relatives want to see, but that I can't afford to/find the energy for printing.

Hmm...they may not get the photographic shaft at all in that case. Unless I'm too exhausted.

What do you think?

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ellen said...

Seeing as I have 3 kids I guess I can weigh in on this one. I still take lots of pictures even after all these years. Now, Hannah got a photo album right away and it took me until this year to stick Simon's pictures in an album. I'd have to print pictures out in order for Seth to get an album... I guess I should do that for him someday. I went to digital when Simon was a baby. It's amazing to think about how many pictures I have. God I need to back them up again!

I too love having digital pictures. I rarely print them out though but share them on my blog with family members and friends just like you do. I bet there will be tons of pictures taken with the twins and big sister with the twins, etc.

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