Friday, August 03, 2007

Caitlin's room

In all the work on the twin's room, Caitlin's has not gone without its own series of upgrades. Since he was ripping out carpeting in there, we also had Eric rip out carpeting in here. He finished her floor a couple of days ago and now we're just waiting to get the baseboards purchased, cut, stained and installed and then her room will be done. She got to camp out in the twin's room while her flooring was going in and enjoyed the space. Too bad she has to get squished back in the smaller of the two rooms!
Caitlin even scored a new set of bookshelves, that will match the ones going in the twin's room as well. Since her books are now a lot heavier than her original wire shelving units were capable of handling, we thought it was time. Now she has her very own reading corner!
So all told, Caitlin got a new fan, new flooring and new bookshelves. It's good to be the Queen! And all this nice new flooring? Much tougher than carpeting, easier to clean and Grammy can probably hang out for a few extra minutes before the cats chase her from the house. Poor Grammy! The kitties want to love you, but your innards don't love them.

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