Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Baby Games

This one is called:

Things the Twins have Thrown Up On (So Far)
  • Eric (lots)
  • Hatchet
  • The bamboo floor
  • The carpeted floor
  • The swing
  • The vibrating chair
  • The comfy chair
  • My bed
  • The sofa
  • The car seat
  • The car seat with the Bundle Me insert
  • Ellen's quilts
  • The bathroom
  • The co-sleeper
  • The cat (Domino, of course. No I'm not kidding.)
Oh and as a hot tip for those new parents out there: if your baby starts throwing up/spitting up (Whatever - the goo coming out of their mouth.) do not attempt to relocate the baby by running with it to the nearest sink. That will just result in you covering the distance from here to there in spit up as well as the initial Splash Zone. Just take it. You are easier to clean than the carpet, no matter how grossed out you are.

By the way, the same rules apply to poop and/or pee. Those of us that attempt to dodge [*cough* Eric *cough*] just wind up having to clean another surface.

You have been warned!


Valerie said...

Hey you could make a Bingo board, you Eric and Caitlin could all play and see who wins before the end of the day!

hee hee... maybe extra credit if it's on you!

Anonymous said...

On the same theme of twin comedy, there's a short twin-related funny video you might like:

They're beyond the parenting stage, but it just goes to show, twins are funny!

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