Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Food! Glorious food!

Even though you may not care what I had for lunch (New England clam chowder made by my mom and frozen for just this moment, thankyouverymuch!), you will care what I'm making for dessert.

Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake.

The recipe is from Cook's Illustrated's cookbook. I love it and have made it for the past 3 years running. It's been a hit with all that have had it so far.

Photos? Why yes, thank you!

First the cookie-like crust. Graham crackers with spices and butter to hold it together.
Then the filling. Sugar and spice and many things nice.
Then the pumpkin. The secret is to squish out the excess moisture in the packed pumpkin.
Mix it all up together with the 1.5 lbs of cream cheese, sugar, spices, salt, vanilla, lemon juice, eggs, and heavy cream.
Then pour it into your springform pan and place it in a water bath.
Unfortunately, if you walk away for a wee bit too long, distracted perhaps by children and too far away to hear the oven timer beeping at you, it will crack. The whole point of the water bath is to keep it from cracking, but it can't help it if you slack on your cheesecake watching duties.
Sometimes the distractions are too cute to be ignored.
I think the cheesecake will probably still taste just fine tomorrow, especially once there's brown sugar-bourbon whipped cream topping it. That will fill any cracks, I'm sure!

This is the second time I've baked something since Caitlin's birthday party in July. The first time? Last night when we had a friend over I made cranberry pumpkin bread with fresh cranberries. It was yummy!

Funny story about last night...Eric's friend A came over. She's a new Public Defender and told us all kinds of fun stories and really talked up the PD's office. We made her salmon, mashed potatoes, carrots and the pumpkin bread. I mention those specifically because I actually made all but the salmon. Be amazed that the twins let me go for any length of time! We had a great time, chatting away and were in the process of saying goodnight when Logan threw up into my cleavage.

Abruptly bringing an end to our night.

"I'll let myself out..." she said and scampered.

I headed off to my second shower of the day. Le sigh.


Swistle said...

Mmmmm! I have a version that uses a chocolate crust (and a 9x13 pan, which is good because I don't have a springform pan).

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Sounds yummy! Do you remove it from the pan and then serve it, or just serve it from the pan?

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