Monday, November 05, 2007

Happy Birthday, Val!

Happy 36th!

You know, that's a nice number. Neatly divisible. I'm sure you planned that, didn't you?

Well, happy birthday to my best pick up job ever! I sure am glad you accepted my lift home. However else would we have learned of the Karman Ghia's incredible acceleration abilities, if it weren't for you and your pony tail? I certainly never would have had near as much fun working for The Man if you hadn't been there and then traveled to foreign lands with me! Toronto! Ireland! North Carolina! Crazy, man. Crazy!

And thanks for having one of the best responses to my phonecall back in March:

"So, Val...tell me again what it's like having twins?"
"No way! NO WAY! NO WAY!"

Yes way!

Thanks for coming out all by your lonesome and visiting in October. It meant a lot to me, even if I didn't edit the pictures
Squeakes! You look goooood in Colorado. Uh huh!

Plotting World Domination via cellphones.
"Wait, can you make it Thursday? I've got a thing on Wednesday...."
Sara: See this? One day soon we will have our own Little Who that will live in our house with us. Your little sister. Won't that be great?
Hazel: You won't let her touch my toys, though, right? Right? Right, mom? Mom?!
Hazel Who.
Caitlin displays her architectural prowess.
Logan: Karate chop! Hiyaaaa!
Emma: I block your Snakehand strike with my Hammer Fist! Pow!
Shot by Val from way above.Ooh! Twins! I haven't held twins this small in...just about 3 years!

You know...36 or 37 is when your odds of having fraternal twins jumps to 26:1.

I'm just sayin'.



Stacie said...

The cute! Oh the cute. You are killing me with the cute baby twins.

I need someone with new twins to join the local twins group so I can cuddle cute baby twins again.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Hi Stacie!

Death by Cute!

That's my plan for World Domination.

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