Saturday, November 24, 2007

How's your vocabulary?

Are you the type of person that used to look up a word in the dictionary and then get distracted and start reading all of the other words around the word you started looking for? Do you like quizzes? Do you like to help those in need?

If the answer to any or all of those is Yes! Then go to Free Rice and play their vocabulary game while giving rice away to those that need it.

Who distributes the donated rice?

The rice is distributed by the United Nations World Food Program (WFP). The World Food Program is the world’s largest food aid agency, working with over 1,000 other organizations in over 75 countries. In addition to providing food, the World Food Program helps hungry people to become self-reliant so that they escape hunger for good. Wherever possible, the World Food Program buys food locally to support local farmers and the local economy. We encourage you to visit the United Nations World Food Program to learn more about their successful approach to ending hunger.

I have to warn you though, the vocabulary game is addictive. Blame Missy. The web site says the vocabulary level goes up to 50 but that no one has scored higher than 48. I'm working on it!

Do some good. You can find the link on my bar to the right, under Buttons.

Click it! Click it, you fool!


Missy said...

You're right. Very addictive. I got 45. 50 is going to drive me crazy!

Valerie said...

Me too, I got to 45 for brief moments, then I'd get smacked back down to 43 or lower very quickly. I think I racked up 2G of rice grains, though.

Underemployed Nana said...

Got to 47, then began to flag. What a useful way to pass time while feeling virtuous, not wasteful.

Over-competitive Nama said...

Arrrrgh. Addictive indeed. Eyes crossed. BUT GOT TO 50!!! Many grains donated. Studying Latin derivatives years ago finally pays off.

Missy said...

I got all confused when I saw the name missy up there and thought I was going crazy. Glad to come across another missy in the blogosphere.

That thing is so addictive. I have donated about 2000 grains so far, and probably would have gone farther if not for the invasion of massive amounts of family this weekend.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

I made it to 48 and called it a night. The majority of words I rocked out on I recognized from reading Pride & Predjudice type novels. Oh and lots of sci-fi/fantasy novels - there were lots of French words on armor and weaponry!


Oh and I beat Eric, whic was totally worth it.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Over-competitive Nama you rock! They said no one had made it to 50 yet! Did you get anything cool? Remember any level 50 words to share with us?

Word-stuffed Nama said...

If it weren't for the rice, I'd have to feel guilty. You are evil, Hatchet, to place such diversion in front of me. Some words that are b/n 48 & 50 (I think): crepitation, hyaline, amercement, chuckwalla, retrorse, and my fave, cairngorm.
(You didn't think I'd leave any synonyms, did you?)

Red Flashlight said...

Never got past 48. Then it crashed. I broke it. It's my fault.

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