Friday, November 02, 2007

Got a new toy today

One of these.

It's an LG 4.0 cu ft. front load Steamwasher.


Cloth diapers, baby. Twins. More laundry than we can shake a stick at.

Also, 10% off, free shipping and a $75 rebate also helped. As did the fact that mom and dad helped pay for it. We're doing a lot of laundry around here. Someone is always spitting up all over everything and there are two of them. They can cover a lot of ground.

And...uh, yes, we did sit there and watch the very first load just like a TV program.

No commercials, either.

Wanna do some laundry at our place?

Updated to add: Another bonus? The drying time is significantly reduced. More energy savings!


Valerie said...

Verrry niiice...

So you are doing the diapers, how cool. Maybe you'll have to give us pointers if we have any more...

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Actually, we haven't started cloth diapering yet. We're waiting for them to hit 10 lbs so that we can get them into size 1, instead of having to also buy newborns that they'll grow out of inside 60 seconds.

So we're getting set up for diapers. From what we've experienced so far, there's going to be A LOT of them!

Missy said...


Funny what us grown up parenting type people get excited about these days.

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