Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How do you do it?

One handed while trapped under a twin nursing is the short answer. And that takes awhile, especially if I'm stuck typing left-handed. It's pretty slow until they fall asleep. "Asleep" is a misnomer. They're only sleeping if they are on my chest because woe betide you (Isn't that a great phrase? "Woe betide you!") if you dare to put them down on some more appropriate sleeping surface. But then again, when faced with milk induced coma, pillowy breasts, warmth and a heartbeat why would any self-respecting infant want to sleep anywhere else?

The better question is why do I do it?

Mostly it's because I'm constantly nursing a lot. I can't do much of anything else while nursing one twin one-handed and nothing at all if I'm tandem nursing. While it is possible to do stuff one-handed while nursing (e.g. eat, pay bills, edit photographs, cycle laundry) it gets really old really fast. Especially when you have to stop frequently to burp (or else suffer the wrath of the Laundry Gods). So instead, I sit alot and nurse alot and read alot of blogs (Read all of Swistle's archive - 2 years of history. Read all of Notes from the Trenches - 3 years of history.). And write. I'm not going anywhere and I've got time. And I've got stories. Lots of stories.

And they won't always be about vomiting. Promise!

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