Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Doctor! Doctor!

We took the twins in for their 2 month appointment today. Fun, fun! We asked about:
  • The thrush and were told it's all gone. Hooray!
  • The cradle cap: nothing to worry about, just keep scrubbing with olive oil or conditioner and washing it out.
  • The baby acne and were told it's also nothing to worry about.
  • The red spot on the back of Logan's head appears to be a large birthmark and unrelated to the cradle cap.
  • The rash on his arms is definitely heat rash and isn't bothering him any.
  • The vomiting. My theory on the vomiting is that since it's only about once a day it is due to one of three potential things:
    1. Gas bubble that we didn't get out in time.
    2. Gag reflex. Sometimes we bite off more than we can "chew".
    3. Greed. Sometimes we drink more than our wee tummies can hold.
    The doctor agreed with me, especially since it is only once (or so) a day each and since they're both clearly thriving it isn't too much.

And then it was time for shots.

I asked them to spread them out, so we only got 2 out of the 4 shots we were supposed to get today. Even with that, one of those shots is actually 3 combined! It just seems like a whole lot of stress on a tiny body. Why did I do it this way? Well, frankly it's because I've gotten paranoid about such things as I've gotten older. Consider this: last year my cat had a bad reaction to a multi-shot and acted like he was dying. This freaked me out, yet we didn't know which one it was so we could avoid it this year. Basically, I don't want to see something similar happen to my babies, thus the spread.

Will it cost more? Sure. Will it help me sleep better at night? Absolutely. Just not literally. For which I weep in vain.


  • Height: 21.5" (10th-25th %)
  • Weight: 11 lbs 11 oz (75th %)
  • Head size: 15" (25th %)
  • Height: 21.5" (5th %)
  • Weight: 11 lbs 8 oz (50th %)
  • Head size: 15.5" (25th-50th %)
Many kudos on how strong they both are. Emma tried rolling over on the table to show the doc just how strong she is, but didn't quite get her hips over Clearly she's on her way. Thus, neither one of them are safe to leave alone on the sofa anymore. Can crawling be far off?

Oh man! The thought of the pair of them crawling gives me heart palpitations!

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