Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Growth Spurt!


I'm out of milk. A lot. The twins do not appreciate this.

Waiting for the growth spurt to end and the milk production to ramp up. Oy!


Scylla said...

Drink lots of water!! Lots! I know you are already drinking lots, but drink even more!
I swear I can feel Oliver drain the water from my pores if I don't get enough, and I definitely affects the amount of milk I make.

Valerie said...

Hey I never gave you the rundown of herbs you can add to your major vitamins that supposedly can help with supply. These actually seemed to work for me but then I started forgetting to take them (cause there were SO MANY) and they didn't seem to help when I ramped back up again. Maybe it's a oneshot deal so don't forget once you get going, or maybe it was the power of suggestion, I don't know anyway here they are:

Blessed Thistle

yeah I was taking like 9 capsules several times a day it was crazy. But maybe try one or something. I have a picture of one 'helping' somewhere I'll have to dig it up.

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