Friday, November 16, 2007

Seven weeks

For reasons I can quite figure out, last week seemed really long. Whew!

Here we are closing in on two months. The twins are growing and changing (their clothes) a lot these days! They are smiling at all three of us now and the fan. What is it with infants and fans, anyway? It also happened with Caitlin. I know because it was significant enough that it was mentioned in her baby book. With the twins, you can lay one or the other down directly beneath a fan and they'll start smiling and cooing and occasionally proto-laughing at it.

At least until the fan starts talkin' some smack and then the crying starts.

No, I have no idea what on Earth a fan could possibly say to upset my babies, but then I also don't know what hilarious stories it's sharing either. It is a mystery.

So the kids are cute, very cute and very vomitrocious. Why? Bugger all if I know. Is it a gas bubble? Over eating? Finger too close to uvula when painting on the thrush medicine? Who knows! Perhaps I should ask the fan....

  • Is currently fighting sleep on my chest. He makes it hard to type with two hands. He is trying to steal all the breastmilk in both breasts since Emma is slacking off and actually sleeping upstairs.
  • Enjoys throwing up on me nightly, directly during or after nursing. Yes, I did say during. Imagine how pleasant that is for both of us? He goes through at least one, but as many as three outfit changes a day. I usually have to get a whole new set of clothing at least once. So far he and Emma take turns on the vomiting. Only one session per day is allowed, apparently.
  • Cries less if he gets to shower with me. Since I'm catching the brunt of the mess all down my chest I have to shower anyway.
  • Has cradle cap. No fun at all, however it's much easier to deal with than Emma's thrush. We have started scrubbing olive oil into his hair to treat it and then scrubbing his hair out with shampoo afterwards. I keep wanting a little balsamic vinegar and Italian bread to go with it though. He's scrumptious!
  • Is too big for newborn clothing anymore and appears to be closing in on 10 lbs. We'll find out for certain at our next pediatric appointment at their 2 month appointment.
  • Is still suffering baby acne.
Mr. Crazy Hair
Mr. Crazy Hair finds you funny.
Logan and the gang. Ooh, look! Size order!
Check out Logan's expression. He can't
believe I just typed that. Aww mommmm!


  • Still has thrush. How long is this supposed to go on for?! I picked up a new ointment that I don't have to wipe off. It's also Nystantin, the ointment form of the medicine that Emma is taking. I'm starting to think about picking up Gentian Violet. Anything that will get us over this infection would be nice. I still occasionally get the stabbing pains and Emma's tongue is still covered, although not as bad as it used to be. I'm also sucking down lots of Vitamin C, B-12 complex, pre-natals, garlic and acidophilus, but I'm not seeing it end. And that's what I care about. Getting this over with. How long is this supposed to take?
  • Is totally smiley now. Very sweet! Helps to make up for her grumpiness. She is even practicing her laugh. She does that funny little indrawn breath laughter. I will try to catch it on video.
  • Is getting much better head control. Is also lifting her head up higher when she's on her tummy.
  • Really likes the toys attached to the playmat and smiled at her reflection in the little mirror today.
  • Has been staying awake more for walks like when we go to pick up Caitlin. This is fine so long as she's in a good mood.
  • Is way too big for newborn clothing. So much for those 4 new girly outfits we'd bought! Well, they were cute while they lasted. Now she's wearing Caitlin's old clothes. This is fine except for the summer weight 3 month old items. Not very useful in the fall.
Being coy.
You want me to do what? What's up with this "tummy time" nonsense?
Thrush. I has it. I show you it.

I was just doing some more research and found out that the fussiness and nursing madness in the evenings is normal. Maybe nothing really is wrong with me and my milk supply! I love the internet! Well, I'll be sucking down some blessed thistle and alfalfa just to be certain. Also, if the combination really does help my supply maybe I can start to pump some and put it away for *gasp* a night out!

I dare to dream the impossible dreams.


Missy said...

I wonder if you are producing a lot more milk than you think. My youngest used to vomit almost immediately after nursing all the time and my pediatrician suggested that I pump a little before nursing, becuase he thought that she was getting too much too fast. I tried it and it worked like a charm. It was a pain, and would be an even bigger pain for your situation if indeed that is going on. Baby vomiting habits are one of the great mysteries.

Anonymous said...

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