Saturday, November 03, 2007

Dressing down

I've reached that point (-42 lbs) where I don't fit anything. I'm not big enough to wear maternity pants anymore--I have to keep hitching them up and that's irritating--and I'm too big for my normal pants. I'm still +23 lbs, so it's no shocker that I'm too big for my regular pants.

In order to resolve this problem, I thought I'd mosey on down to the store and pick up a few pairs of stop-gap pants and maybe a few nice shirt that fit my extra-large sized chest. No luck. And not just no luck, but holy crashing personal image, Batman! Yes, I know that I'm only 5 weeks away from just having given birth to twins and that everyone has been very nice when saying how fabulous I look. However, I seem to have forgotten that it's how fabulous I look for just having given birth to twins. Let's not get crazy with the ego here! Unfortunately I took the state of my calves and ankles as permission to go try on pants in a larger size than I normally wear.

Big mistake!

My ego was crushed and laying in a pool around my middle: lumpy and bumpy and wrinkled. Tops were too small and pants were a horror.

After a second sad search I came up with a pair of yoga pants in two styles and bought a pair of each.

This question is for all of you clothes-hounds out there. What does one wear when stuck in this indeterminate size when you don't want to blow a lot of money on clothes you aren't going to keep. Keep in mind that winter is coming.

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Swistle said...

Luckily (er...luckily? YES I AM STICKING WITH THAT WORD CHOICE), my usual weight fluctuates by 20 pounds or so. So I have bigger clothes and smaller clothes. So as long as my pregnancies take place when I'm toward the lower end to start with, the postpartum stage fits into my bigger clothes. Which makes me feel crappy about how I must look at the larger end of my usual fluctuations, but it's not really postpartum if you don't feel crappy about how you look.

Missy said...

I would say three words: elastic, stretch, and drawstring. Have you thought about thriftshops? At least then you aren't dropping a lot of cash.

Dawn said...

elastic, stretch & drawstring sounds like scrubs - check out a uniform shop or some are quite inexpensive depending on the style make great PJs or play clothes - you know when finger painting or other messy playtime gets started.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Swistle: Hah! to the "luckily" comment. You crack me up. I'm in the process of stalking your blog. Err...I mean reading your archives. What a strange thing it is to read up on someone's history over the course of a few weeks!

Missy/Dawn: I actually hate drawstring, I've determined. Anything that pokes out MORE under my shirts and drawn more attention to my flap (I kid you not, I have a flap!), I can't stand. Elastic and stretch, that's more like it.

Dawn: Fingerpaint? What is this of which you speak? I hated it in kindergarten, you remember! I never stopped....My version of fingerpainting now involves painting Caitlin's fingernails. : )

Ali said...

Two words: Old Navy. Cheap, disposable clothing. Possibly made by small children in terrible conditions but hey, affordable! (By the way, hilarious post.)

Red Flashlight said...

Borrow. Borrow. Borrow.

My clothes are too tall for you, but I bet they're an ok size in diameter. If not, use a belt.

I had a post-partum friend who wore her pre-pregnancy jeans, and just used a hair-dwangie to connect the button and the hole in a makeshift, ever-shrinking fashion. Works best with an extra-long shirt to cover your handiwork.

Scylla said...

COSTCO. They have a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans. The Victoria Cut, not the Amber Cut.
They are only 16 dollars. They aren't low rise. They are stretch denim.
They have fit me happily for the last while, as I creep ever more slowly back down in size.

Cindy said...

work-out clothes, yeah I know not cute little outfits but they are comfy, affordable and stretch a lot. I love my yoga pants, I'm still wearing them (they are pre preg.) pregnant and will live in them after I deliver.
I second old navy as the in thing this season are big loose fitting empire waisted tops that you could pull off pregnant.

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