Thursday, November 08, 2007

Six weeks

Six weeks at last! The magical recovery period has arrived. Now I can get back to my regular life of weight lifting, cross country skiing, inline skating, hiking and mountain biking. Whew! It's been tough being benched for so long.


HAH! *gasping for breath* Heeeeee!

OK, really. Now that 6 weeks are up I can...continue sitting around, trapped under twins and breastfeeding. Rah! If they would ever sleep at the same time while not on my chest I could do things like garden and bake and clean and work on my photography. You know, regular stuff. Instead it looks like all that will have to wait or get squeezed into 5 and 10 minute intervals. Oh and I suppose start working out, too.

Baby updates!

  1. Is the grumpy one. (Sorry, kid!) When they wake up, she's the first to go to Code Red! and holler about starving to death.
  2. Her thrush is much better. How do I know when it's over? When can I stop giving her medication and taking it myself? BTW, since the twins are having a growth spurt, they are making it impossible to put on the medication I was given. Just when it seems like I have time to put it on, someone wakes up and wants to nurse again.
  3. Is beginning to hold her head up better but still hates being on her tummy. She just hates it slightly less.
  4. Is smiling now, but not very frequently. We need to figure out what she finds funny and work it!
  5. Has shorter hair than her brother. I've been looking at these two for six weeks and it wasn't until 2 nights ago that I actually noticed that while they both have a lot of hair, his hair is 2 inches long and hers is about an inch. How is that possible? Has he put more energy into hair growth while she's been working on increasing cheek size or what?!
  6. Her cold is gone, but now that Eric, Caitlin and I are sick it may just be a matter of days before she gets it too. Yes, I finally succumbed to their germy-ness. Bleah!
Updated to add: In case you're wondering why there are no pictures of Emma (yet), it's because I can only shoot pics when someone's not nursing and generally Emma gets nursed first and then falls asleep, leaving me with a wakeful Logan to photograph. I'll hunt her down later today. Promise!
Grumpy McGrumpersons
Quiet, contemplative Emma

Late night Emma. That chin? That's my chin. And Caitlin's chin. And my dad's chin. It is the Chin of Stubbornness. The Chin of Power!

  1. Is the even-tempered one. Yes, he can cry and scream too, but it takes him longer to get worked up and get loud.
  2. Still weighs less than Emma.
  3. Is holding his head up at 90 degrees when on his tummy. He's strong!
  4. Has a good sense of humor or at least finds our antics amusing easily. He smiles a bunch at all of us now, not just me.
  5. Stays awake a lot longer these days. I walked up to Caitlin's school and he stayed awake the whole way up (1 mile) and the whole way back. He charmed several of the moms with his baby blues, while we were there. Emma only managed to stay awake on the way up.
  6. Is working on his laugh. I hear him practicing while he's sleeping and occasionally when he's awake.
  7. Smiled at Emma last night when we held him up to "talk" to her. She didn't even notice him, but he examined her and found her funny.

At some point I'll switch to only monthly updates but I might keep the weekly photos. What do you think?

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Nana-Sue or GFIL said...

Wow! Six weeks! I can't beleive it! Emma and Logan are getting more beautiful by the moment, and they started out pretty damn cute! I just read two months worth of Hatchet-postings. It was good to catch up. Now I can be prepared when we see each other next and know what you all have been up to. When will that be?? Miss you guys!

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