Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks: Part VI


The day started off at 8 am. After the twins gave us 4 consecutive hours of sleep, I was ready to get up and clean at 7:00 am this morning. I started on it while Eric lolled around in bed recuperated from our late night with Scott & Sierra.

By the way, I was thinking about Eric's complaints of sleep deprivation. We tend to argue about just which of us is getting more sleep than the other. What I've decided is this: regardless of who is clocking more hours of sleep (and I think it's him, really), Eric is actually the more sleep deprived of us both. I figure that I had months to get used to 1.5 hours of sleep every night while he slacked off got to sleep the normal 8-9 hours since he wasn't pregnant. Now that our sleep is broken up into 2 hour chunks (or 3 to 4 when we're lucky), I am used to it and respond better. I'm more awake during the day and less crabby. He, however, is a wreck. And very crabby. Also, he does this instant sleep thing that I can't do, which means that the 30 minutes it takes me to sink into a sleeping state is 29 more minutes that he's been asleep. Phooey!

But I digress...

There was cleaning and greeting and nursing and eating and cooking and talking and nursing and diaper changing and basting and laughing nursing and photography and birding and playing and eating and drinking and nursing and saying goodbye and cleaning and nursing.

Photos? Of course!
Linda with Logan. I suspect she likes him.

Eric with Logan. Definitely likes him.

Mother and daughter.


Max with his latest sports injury.

Caitlin with a mouth full of turkey.

All the family. This is the shot I got when Eric pointed out to me that at no time were all of us sitting and eating at the same time. Norman Rockwell we ain't.

Axl, up close.

The elusive Bret holds Emma. That boy will not look at the camera.

Jim, Linda and Logan. Jim had Logan cooing and smiling at him all morning, leaving Linda terribly jealous until she figured out the key: make a complete fool out of yourself and make sure there isn't a bright light close by. Infants are just like moths, apparently. Except for the flying part. And the insect part, too, I guess.

Jenni and Eric have the same smile! Do you have to train for that or what?

Axl hanging with the adults and being cool,

That's right. Laugh it up Monkey Boy. I'll get you sometime.

Jenni confiscates Logan from Bret. Logan was on a merry-go-round all night, passed from person to person. He was really working the crowd with his charm and stunning good looks.
Jenni says goodbye to Logan.

So, as usual, there was love and laughter, good food and chaos. We sat around complimenting one another on the fantastic food, our fabulous good looks and our brilliant children. Isn't that what you do at parties?
Oh yeah! I was there, too.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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