Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Two Months

Two months.

Sixty days.

A million diapers.

A billion loads of laundry.

More vomit than you want to know about, but that won't stop me from talking about it!

Things are going pretty well these days, we still aren't sleeping but don't expect to be for awhile. We have had a total of 3 4 hour sleeping periods and we're hoping for more since the twins now remain awake a lot more during the day. The crazy cluster feedings still occur, but now that we're no longer in the middle of a growth spurt it doesn't feel as though insanity is nigh. They're both very entertaining when they are awake and not crying. They smile a lot and coo. We've had many conversations involving goos, gees and ah-goos. Un-gee comes up as well which I translate as "Hungry!" and feed Logan when he says it. He doesn't object so I assume that I'm translating correctly.

Both of them like to stand up a lot. I suspect, that like Caitlin, they will be early walkers. Let's just see how early, shall we?

In the last two days the twins appear to have decided to swap the grumpiness factor. Logan is now grumpier than Emma and demands more attention and to not be put down, dammit! Which makes it difficult to do things like take pictures. Or clean. Or make food. But, enh!, who needs a clean house and food? The pictures though, that's a problem!

Emma still has thrush. We finally went out and bought Gentian Violet and gave it a try. I've gotta tell ya: it is PURPLE. I don't just mean a little purple, I mean ancient royalty would've killed for this dye!

Logan still has infant acne, cradle cap and crazy hair. Once his hair dries, he looks just like one of those Troll dolls. Would I kid you?
Crazy troll hair
Photos? Watch out: the cuteness is addictive.

The games parents play: Eric "talks" for the twins.

Emma "talks" with Eric's help.

Logan "talks" with Eric's help.

Yin and yang

Check out those eyelashes!

Too cute for words. Except maybe "Argh!"


Swistle said...

STOP IT. Just stop it. That is TOO MUCH CUTE.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

It makes up for their refusal to be put down. : )

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