Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks: Part V

Jenni Fasthands readies her breaded goat cheese rounds for baking.

The organic 18 lb turkey lived a happy, fulfilled life...right up until the point where the farmer came and killed it and then we ate it. So very yummy. My apologies to any vegetarian readers.

Jim makes gravy. Men who cook are A-OK in my book!

The spread: turkey with sausage stuffing and gravy, Cointreau cranberry sauce, salad with apples, candied walnuts and goat cheese, and roasted vegetables. Some water, some wine, and some beer.
Three big kids sitting at the bar top. Two infants sleeping or nursing. Six adults completely incapable of all sitting down together at the same exact time. I was off nursing one or the other twin. Bret was holding the non-nursing twin. Jenni was feeding children. Eric was getting drinks. And so on and so forth. Controlled Chaos. And next year? The twins will be one and probably walking. Aiee!

Ate it so fast I failed to photograph it first! Yummy!

And finally, the spiced pumpkin cheesecake with brown sugar bourbon cream. Even the kids liked it, even though I had to sell Max on it.

Max: "What's for dessert?"
Hatchet: "Cheesecake."
Max: "I don't like cheese!"
Hatchet: "You like cream cheese like on bagels, right?"
Max: Suspiciously, "Yeah."
Hatchet: "Do you like pumpkin pie?"
Max: Still suspicious, "Yeah."
Hatchet: "You will like this. All you have to try is a single bite and if you don't like it, you can have cookies instead."
Max: "OK."

Verdict? Loved it! As did Little Miss Yuck! I Don't Like That Thing I've Never Tried Before and Don't Actually Know If I Like It Or Not.

The best part about hosting at my house? We get all the leftovers! As a matter of fact, I'm boiling the carcass (In two separate pots since it was so big!) for turkey soup right now. Tomorrow? Turkey soup. Also, enough leftovers for a week of eatin'!

And cheesecake.

Life is good.

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