Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy 41st Anniversary Mom & Dad!

You know, I looked it up and there's no traditional gift for 41 years. Forty years, yeah, that's traditionally rubies and a party thrown by your youngest daughter. But for 41 years? Nothin'! Heck, most of the other sites skipped over years 41-44 and went right to 45.

Instead, they suggested a modern gift: land.

In the words of Dave Barry: I am not making this up.

However, since I am not rolling in the dough, my ability to gift you with a piece of land would be limited to shipping you some soil from my yard. Or else sending you a picture of some land.

Instead, please accept my warmest wishes for a healthy and happy 41st anniversary. May you have many more.

1 comment:

Scylla said...

That's crazy. I do suppose those guides are in place to tell spouses what to get each other, and land makes more sense that way.

But still.

Oh wait! You could get them an acre of Colorado Prairie preserved in their name through the Southern Plains Land Trust. That's kind of like giving them land.

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